Replacement footpegs. If you dropped your bike, consider some drop bars or hand guards for the next time!

Street footpegs are stock on: S, SR, SR/F
Offroad footpegs are stock on: FX, FXS, DS, DSR
*Low footpegs are stock on: SR/S


While the street and offroad styles are interchangeable, please be sure to choose the correct style and side for your needs.

*Low footpegs are NOT interchangeable with the other styles. If you are interested in lowering the footpegs on your SR/F, you must purchase the SR/F Rider Foot Peg Lowering Kit.

Additional information

Style & Side

Street footpegs (L), Street footpegs (R), Offroad footpegs (L), Offroad footpegs (R), Low footpegs (L), Low footpegs (R)